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Hi, I’m Rob Decker. If you’re watching this film right now you’re somebody who’s obviously passionately interested in taking your web site to another level. We’re all about coaching, about strategic interventions. How do we help people help themselves and how do we do it in the shortest time possible so you can truly make [...]

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Find web site keywords by using Google Adwords FREE Keyword Selector Tool then analyze keywords in Microsoft Excel to determine the most profitable ones. Watch Part Two at

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Learn more about affiliate marketing at Check Out This Cool Little Video Revealing My $300 A Day Niche Site.

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Google is musch too expensive.

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I need a PPC team that can help earn more revenue. I’m on a tight budget but need traffic and sales to pick up. Any suggestions?

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When analyzing rankings for highly competitive keywords in our industry, we have found sites not as optimized as ours is (on-page), that have few links & little content are still ahead of us. What gives? Why are ‘unoptimized’ sites ranking so well?” Polyana, São Paulo, Brasil Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help [...]

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Here I am proving that Waoindia is A Scam You will never get pay for Your clicks, and they take Your money for membership and referrals.Be Aware and never invest with this Site keep Your information safe.

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