here is my mogul aka 6800 through sprint running wm 6.5. i would like to thanks pdajunkie for the rom that he made.

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20 Responses to “DASH’s WM 6.5 Sprint Mogul 6800”

  1. iamdasht19 says:

    no you can have whatever that you want…. i jsut added that on there to keep the background clean

  2. BboyMaxwell says:

    does it have to have the ufc backround? lol

  3. iamdasht19 says:

    oh and they just keep getting better. the newest builds of 6.5 are blazing fast especially on nukernal with camera and without touchflo… gives you that extra needed space but touchflo fans still get some love as well.

  4. Carmelartist123 says:

    I LOVE THAT 6.5 is so fast…WM can finally be in the fight instead of shunned to the side

  5. PDAPhoneJunkie says:

    Hi Dash, I wanna thank you for sharing my ROMs. I didn’t know that this many people used them :) My mediafire account got hacked and the zips got deleted, but I have fixed that and re-uploaded them and fixed the links I have control over at PPCGeeks. Thanks again and stay tunned for future releases I am working on. I’m gonna join your site, looks to be a very good resource. Take care everyone and I am honered to be able to provide any service I can.

  6. iamdasht19 says:

    soory dont do direct links. gave you all info needed.

  7. BMFLUITT1984 says:

    please send me a link directly to the download i’ve looked on the site and i’ve googled it

  8. iamdasht19 says:

    what? browse the forums thats not a program… and take the spj tour that should help

  9. iamdasht19 says:

    go to the site mentioned


  10. iamdasht19 says:

    ask i nthe thread of the ro so i know what your talking about… sounds like its not made for your device.

  11. yungmozes says:

    Dash! Big fan homie. Im having such a big problem flashing this particular rom. Any tips on how to get it to flash properly?? Everytime I do it it basically flashes nothing and I go back to my previous rom. Should I go back to a stock rom then flash this or can I go straight to it?? Hook me up homie!

  12. iamdasht19 says:

    hahahah if you look at the other videos i have every sprint ppc since the 6700 and use the pro and soon to be pro 2 and hero….. i get these before you through beta testing for sprint….. know your facts b4 opening your mouth and trying to diss…. now run upstairs mommy has dinner made for you

  13. TrapHouse608 says:

    hahaha that phone is shitty!!!!
    i got the touch pro!!!!! bitch
    i had that phone its ok for the solid feeling of it. its pretty much none breakable lol

  14. iamdasht19 says:

    listen to the first 5 seconds of the video again and than theres your answer.

  15. imacpplications says:

    please tell me how to install wm 6.5, where did you get the rom from. I have a xv6800


  16. iamdasht19 says:

    i have a collection that is in the double digits and includes a webos, multiple wm, android, and the iphone.

  17. damiaking says:

    Nice i remember wheb this came out it had wm5.0 lol …what do u do with so much ppc? Do u use them all ?

  18. terry says:

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  19. Lyle says:

    tightly@jest.reciting” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  20. Adam says:

    casals@abatuno.consistence” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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