www.adsense-secrets.com Why do people fail in their business? I believe there are many reasons. In part 27 of my presenation, I discuss some of these reasons. To start this series at the beginning, go to http

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17 Responses to “Why People Fail”

  1. Gallopingsquirrels says:

    Great info


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  3. InternetArchaeology says:

    if u make $800 a day why do u wear old navy?

  4. wheatlady says:

    Awesome information. If some of the people that have posted would spend their time and energy in learning this…they could certainly change their lives. If you want to do something different….great…otherwise you will have what you have.

  5. jejeroy says:

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  6. 9point8mps says:

    i typed in “people failing” and this douchebag shows it…


  7. thaiable says:

    Dude i need help with my adsense…nothing is increasing…HELP

  8. Kapugendraa says:

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  9. gobbledygookie says:

    Thanks for all your posted clips. You kinda sound like Dr. Phil just so you know :)

  10. ShyGirlFromChicago says:

    Thank you, Joel, for your inspiration. It has been so great watching all your NIM shows and now your videos. I know you are blessed because you are giving so much to so many.
    Debbie Galle

  11. Dileep N. Kariyawasam says:

    Perfect Presentation!  Thanks Joel.

  12. xizander says:

    I really like the way in that you speak :)

  13. timzes says:

    thank you joel for the fire to fuel the engine to keep going

    very much appreciated

  14. timzes says:

    thank you joel for the fire to fuel the engine to keep going

    very much apreciated

  15. claytongault says:

    I really prefer the Edison quote, because that’s IMO the key to why people don’t take the action needed to grasp the opportunities out there.

  16. nigex says:

    opportunity + action = success. very good!

  17. Craig says:

    exists@procession.sellers” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    good info….

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