excelmasterseries.com Complete instructions in Excel how to build a better split-tester than Google’s Website Optimizer. You will be able to perform split-tests for any marketing activity – not only Google AdWords – with this Excel split-tester. You will be able to create the Excel spreadsheet which performs the same statistical test as the Google Optimizer. Also – a derivation of the statistical test is provided in this video.

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  1. excelmasterseries says:

    If anyone is interested, you may download the Excel spreadsheet that I used to make this video about creating this split-tester for $7. Go to: ExcelMasterSeries DotCom Slash ExcelSplitTest Dotphp In addition to the Excel spreadsheet, you also get a 100-page emanual about creating interactive Excel graphs of all of the most widely-used statistical distributions (Normal, t, Chi-Square, Weibull, Poisson, Binomial, and Exponential). Become an Excel Statistical Master.

  2. solvermark says:

    Awesome. I can’t believe how easy that was to make – and I can use it for all kinds of marketing, not just Google AdWords. Cool.

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