You use Adwords Editor but do you know all of the helpful features? This webinar is designed to give you even more power to make faster and smarter changes to your account in AE. We will present a live demonstration in AdWords Editor that will show you the best features to use as well as how to optimize your account effectively by using this program. This webinar is presented by two Optimization Specialists, so you will have the opportunity to learn from the pros!

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7 Responses to “Content Network Targeting & Optimization”

  1. MrLakiwi says:

    great content, good job with this. Thanks.

  2. kateann1027 says:

    they are reading the script…..and they are talking WAY to fast for anyone to really learn from this video…..come on Google…..hire teachers for this.

  3. gimRoman says:

    The sound is sucks!
    Nice presentation but can’t hear nothing! Hell!

  4. ahillyer says:

    The first guy that spoke was boring and sounded like a roooobbbbbooooottttt. Overall though, great video.

  5. ruphynres says:

    great free vids from google.
    KEEP UP!

  6. ArchibaldTutle says:

    Great content! The truth is that I found the content very insightful, well structured and really educational. It is a pity that the sound for this videos is really awfully recorded and sometime it’s not easy to understand for non english spoken people. Thanks anyway for taking the time to record all this helpful info.

  7. terrance says:

    snook@browsing.shielding” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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