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Admin on October 30th, 2011

I a using statcounter.com for individual tracking. the visitros that have visited from PPC or adsense have a gclid with the page url.
How can I find which adin my campaign , the user clicked??
How can I track ads performance with Google analytics
can I decode this gclid??

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CarlosGallego.com – REGISTRATE GRATIS al Curso de Google AdWords y Aprende a Utilizar Mejor la Red de Contenido en Adwords

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I am looking for a program to Make money online using PPC that works. I have tried several and they all stink. So many programs out there can anyone give me real advice. NO SPAM Please. Real guidance is appreciated.

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i’m running a g4 ppc with os x tiger. i can boot an intel mac from usb but not a ppc. is there something i can do to make the mac recognize the usb hd as a boot drive. or are ppc’s restricted to firewire for external booting? thanks in advance.

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A ComunicaWeb ensina como funciona basicamente o Google Adwords e como é vantajoso investir nele. Visite nosso site: www.comunicaweb.com.br

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