Do you have a “Talk to Me” link on your page? Does it improve your conversion rate? By testing, you can find out if improvements to your page are really improving your business. Tom shares an example of a company that saved themselves from cutting their sales in half.

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The steps comes with 3 steps, and it also includes a piece of paper in the box that tells you the website that sells the 4th step conversion kit. Stupidly, I threw that piece of paper away, and now I could use that 4th step for my little dog. I’ve tried looking all [...]

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I need to find out a way to find the biggest spenders (industry wise) outside of the the financial industries of Google Adwords.
Which top 10 industries spend the most?

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Published on: 5/28/2010.
VERY DRAMATIC and challenging political developments are occurring within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) with others blinking on the horizon.
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Quick tutorial on how to set up your website, submit to search engine and track your progress.

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Acquiring SEO Services For Your New Products Site
If you are a newbie and want to put up your own website for your company, it will be hard for you to target your market unless you have seek assistance from the expert.
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Liana Evans of Search Marketing Gurus interviews Bryan Eisenberg of Future now about his upcoming book, “Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer” as well as about his first Keynote speech for SES Toronto. To learn more about Bryan’s book, and even get a copy, come to SES San Jose! Full Transcript [...]

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Creative Uses For RSS Referrer Tracking By Bloggers?
On Search Engine Land, Dixon Jones’ blog and other sites, there’s a bit of fancy code that instantly refreshes the URL you’re seeing to add in referrer tracking parameters. This is usually used for conversion tracking, but I think other uses are possible. Here are some ideas of [...]

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A step by step guide to do an A/B split test with Wordpress. Google Website Optimizer: Pretty Link Plugin: Website Optimizer Plugin:

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the prices on my online shop are in CAD (Canadian $) but I would like to display the [approximate] price in USD (and perhaps in euro too). Is there free way to do that? I do not need extreme precision.
TYVM in advance

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