Source: This video looks at how to setup a simple A/B test using Google Website Optimizer in under 4 minutes. A/B testing, also known as split testing, is the best way to improve conversion rates on your website. To learn more about this and other web marketing essentials critical to microisvs and bootstrapped startups, [...]

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Looking for advice on multivariate testing? Watch this two-part webinar from Eric Peterson, Founder and CEO of Web Analytics Demystified, as he shares his “Top Ten Tips for Testing Success.” Then, download the whitepaper at

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Many solo business owners focus too heavily on generating website content just to get more Internet traffic. Yes, you need good traffic, but not just because it makes you feel good. Too many business owners fail to follow up with visitors, and they are the path to profit!

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I have 100 keywords on Google Adwords in one campaign & adgroup. All the Ads read the same thing, how can I customize each ad to reflect the individual keyword?

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I’d like to know what is the third best company that has PPC service for Ads publishers (not advertisers)

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I have a new website at
Check it out! I have many new home decor and office decor products, as well as great gift ideas for every special occasion….just need ideas as to how to market this without it costing an arm and a leg….am working on a limited budget. The idea is to MAKE money [...]

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Does anyone have any facts or guidance on the SEO impact of using interstitial ads? They appear on a number of “big budget” sites like top-tier newspapers, magazines and video sites yet my guess is that Google and others would take a less favorable view of small sites using these ads. They are quite admittedly [...]

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This video provides an overview of forms of testing that should be embraced within internet marketing and ecommerce. Included in the presentation is details into multivariate testing and usabality testing and how both can be leveraged to improve user conversion rates. For more videos visit

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Does anyone know a file conversion website like Zamzar so I can transfer youtube music into mp3 format for my mp3 player?

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Admin on February 25th, 2010 Monique Conheady talks about how Google adwords helped accelerate the growth of her business

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